Professional Drone Surveying Team in Lincoln, NE

If you’re looking for a drone mapping and aerial survey company with highly advanced technology and unmatched services, Drone Aerial Mapping is who you’re looking for. Based in Lincoln, NE, we offer our commercial property surveying and other services to customers within a robust 400-mile radius. We take the needs of our clients seriously, which is why we’ll always take the time to listen to your specific situation and make sure we’re providing you with the right services.

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Aerial Mapping

Get a detailed overhead view of the area you want to be mapped with digital aerial imaging provided by our drone surveying technology. We’re the first business of its kind in the area, using our unique skills and advanced equipment to bring customers a first-class land surveying, photogrammetry, and land mapping experience.

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our Commitment to you

We work hard to provide our customers with accurate undeveloped and commercial property surveying, detailed reports, and the smooth progression of your project, whether you’re an independent land developer or a city employee. Drone Aerial Mapping provides customers with unmatched imaging thanks to our Sony a7R imaging camera, allowing us to get the finest, most complete details of the land we’re mapping or surveying. Whether we're handling an aerial mapping project or photogrammetry, we take your needs seriously.

Comprehensive Services

Through our camera-equipped drone, we can save you valuable time, money, and effort that you’d normally spend on an aerial mapping or project. Our equipment allows us to provide customers with a wide range of services, including photogrammetry, commercial property surveying, property inspections, drone mapping, drone surveying, and aerial photography. 

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Drone Aerial Mapping makes it our mission to provide you with professional aerial surveyors for your commercial property surveying, land mapping, aerial imagine, and other service needs. Contact us today to get started on your next project. We’re happy to go through our services with you and go over exactly how we can help.